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This one is confusing every time it comes up, but whether it’s the slow bell ringing or the last nail in the coffin, Richard Burr has just endorsed Craig Collins for NCGOP Chair (again?).

It’s a shame that in any other circumstance, if you had the CEO, President, and all the Board members endorse a person or idea, that you would feel pretty comfortable that their opinion could be trusted.  Not so in NC Republican politics.

Collins marched out with the endorsements McCrory, Forest, McHenry, Berger, Moore, Burr, Tillis, and even Claude Pope himself.  We all found it a little odd that his announcement with all these endorsements was 10 minutes after Claude Pope announced he wasn’t running for re-election.

As mentioned previously, aside from Dan Forest, the endorsement panel is a who’s who of Establishment lackeys.  Perhaps the worst of these is Senator Richard Burr.  That’s why it’s unusual that this close to the Convention, they recycle Burr’s endorsement of Collins.  Maybe they know they’ve got the numbers among delegates, so it’s the death knell for us as we get ready to convene.

However, Burr’s endorsement just confirms the death “nail” for any chance that I’d vote for Collins.