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Here we are in the 11th hour and some over-zealous person is trying to confuse things.  Perhaps you, like I, received a couple of curious emails over the last day or two.  The first comes from “Occupy Liberty NC” that attempts to take a reverse-psychology approach in painting Hasan Harnett as a over-the-top Libertarian with the presumed purpose of scaring away votes.

The second message comes from “Dee’s Green Energy Lobbyists” with a back-handed complement of Collin’s assumed support of lobbyists, corporate welfare, McCrory, and his dedication to elitism within the party.

The obvious culprit would be the Daoud campaign since no such message went after him.  But, it seems to be too obvious that he’s the one left out.  Most likely it’s some exuberant supporter being smart by half in pointing out the problems with other candidates.

Luckily, the Convention is this weekend.