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Reality still hasn’t sunk in.  It’s been just over a week since the NCGOP Convention delegates ignored the thousands of dollars spend, the dozens of high-profile endorsements, and the Establishment pressure and instead elected Hasan Harnett and Michele Nix and Chair and Vice-Chair of the NCGOP.

The ramifications of this could be endless.  It will all depend on the resolve of the grassroots to continue their uprising.  You can be sure that the Establishment will be plotting their revenge.  There has already been talk among the usual suspects of creating shadow organizations to undermine fundraising of the NCGOP.  Just yesterday, the incompetent Jeff Morse made the veiled threat on his Facebook account when he asked for “Thoughts on a  new PAC Name[sic]. North Carolina Republican Foundation.”  It was a clear, if sloppy, threat by the prior administration to derail any success by Harnett and the conservative grassroots.

The upside to this movement is that North Carolina will have an unprecedented opportunity to impact the Republican Presidential nomination next year.  If North Carolinians can ignore the onslaught of money, then Jeb Bush may not be the inevitable candidate like ones previously shoved down our throats.  Hopefully, this is a nationwide phenomenon so we can finally have a real conservative in the Presidential race.