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We’re getting a fresh new crop of candidates for the Wall of Shame.  Just last week, our own Speaker of the N. C. House, Tim Moore, was revealed to have make a deal in which he will work as the attorney for Cleveland County (his home).

Now, we understand that the General Assembly salary is not enough to support most families.  It was never intended to be a full-time job, and we expect our legislators to primarily earn their income elsewhere.  But, can anyone say “conflict of interest”?

While anyone can serve in the legislature, we usually expect them to recuse themselves from issues that may benefit their work or industry.  The state ethics law prevents public officials from using their position to benefit themselves, their familes, or their business.  Supposedly Moore passed this by an informal House ethics commission and supporters have said it technically doesn’t violate any laws.

But, it doesn’t look good.

When we’re trying to set the example for how government should be run in North Carolina, we end up appearing hypocritical when our leaders do things like this that look so bad to the public.

Without divulging too much here, somebody also needs to do some real research into Rep. J. Nelson Dollar, and the House Caucus.  While we’re at it, has anyone out there checked to see if Pat McCrory is still registered as a Republican?  I’m finding it nearly impossible to tell by his governance these days.