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Just like a bad penny, our old friend, Matt Overby, has turned up yet again. Earlier this year, Overby stepped down as President of the faltering Northern Wake Republican Club so that he could focus his efforts on a run for Chairman of the 13th Congressional District GOP Executive Committee.  Despite a last minute switcheroo with Donna Williams, Overby was pretty much skunked in that contest.

In the interim, the Northern Wake Republican Club retooled, tried to restore its image and leadership by selecting the magnetic Molotov Mitchell as their president, and changed their name to the Raleigh Republican Club.  It looked like they might actually get a fresh start and shake off the failures of the last few years.

However, something seems to have either gone wrong or it was planned like this all along.  Perhaps Molotov was not as easy to control as Overby or he was just a placeholder.  Last week, Molotov stepped down as President and last night, the Northern Wake Republican Club elected Matt Overby as their president once again.

What’s the definition of insanity again?