During our country’s founding, several of the founding fathers published articles in the newspapers explaining the rationale behind various facets of the Constitution and why the states should ratify it. In many cases they would explain the arguments on each side of the issue and enlighten the public as to why they ultimately arrived at a point. They would publish these articles under the pen-name of “Publius”.

It is my goal to revive some of that spirit as we fight today for the very preservation of the Constitution. We need to be reminded why the Constitution of the United States is the greatest political document ever written, and why we, the people, need to wake up from our apathy and re-engage in our role as the final arbiters of government.

I will also write of local issues relevant to North Carolina. The Federalists envisioned sovereign states forming a voluntary union. It was designed for us to keep our own backyards clean first where proximity would give us (the people) the most leverage. I may also opine on other items of interest from time to time.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. dallas mcclain said:

    Consider placing current Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin on the wall of shame for unconstitutionally supporting senate bill 738 substitiute rushed thru and voted at eleventh hour which created a monopoly for one education provider for bail bondsmen. Even though his office and he KNEW of another provider and withheld that information from the Gen Assy until caught at it.

    • dallas mcclain said:

      cont’d Remember Meg Scott Phipps? Who pulled fed time with Martha Stewart? Her troubles started in a similar manner when she used her Ag Comm title to pick one state fair vendor over another unfairly!

    • It is a given that Democrats belong on the Wall of Shame by and large. However, we’ve tried to keep things concise by focusing on the scoundrels in the Republican Party of North Carolina. (We’d go bankrupt buying bandwidth trying to expose Democrats!)

      The reason for doing that is that our experience shows that North Carolinians either purposefully or unwittingly continue to place “Republicans” into office who could care less about the core Republican values and are solely motivated by personal achievement. We truly believe, however, that North Carolinians are doing this unwittingly and because they are not informed. Our goal is to provide the information.

  2. John Allen said:

    Who are you? I see that those posting on you site are identified by name, but somehow you are not.

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