Wall of Shame

Faithful are the wounds of a friend – Proverbs 27:6
Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. – Edmund Burke

If being a Republican means anything at all, we have to have some kind of way to “police” elected officials who say they’re Republicans, but don’t practice the core Republican values. We’re all for “Unity”, but not at the price of “Integrity”.

As conservatives, we must take a truthful look at ourselves.  This wall is a brutally honest list of people who wear the Republican label here in North Carolina, but are working against us.  We all know who the Democrats are, but these folks are “part of the family”.  They’d sell their grandma for the next rung on the ladder!  Familiarize yourself with them and make sure they don’t get a foothold anywhere! To our knowledge, they have never acknowledged or apologized for their actions or shown that they’ve changed.  If they step forward, we will print any explanation they would like to give in their own defense.

CRITERIA: The list below is not a petty list born out of a personal vendetta or of people who made an isolated mistake or wrong choice. It is a list of those who have either grossly violated the Republican Plan of Organization, abandoned core principles of the Republican platform, or cost the Republican “team” seats, majorities, leadership, etc. out of their own narcissistic personal self interest.  Anytime someone lets their own agenda get in front of principle, we have a problem.  And here are just a few of them…

(If linked, click their name for more information)
Richard Morgan
Harold Brubaker
Julia Howard
Danny McComas
Wilma Sherrill
Carolyn Justice
Stephen LaRoque
Debbie Clary
Robert Grady
Keith Williams
Michael Gorman
David Miner
Michael Decker
Steve Wood
Paul Shumaker
Dee Stewart

8 thoughts on “Wall of Shame”

  1. Let’s not forget Cherie Berry. She is or at least was a Morgan crony, too. Though a Republican, when she was in the House she was NARAL’s best friend in the NCGA, and caused a LOT of the trouble down there.

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