Chris Malone

Chris Malone Was elected to the Wake County School Board in 2009, but is looking to abandon that seat if she can win a seat in the NC House.

The problem is that if Chris is successful at bailing out of the School Board, it sets up Democrats to have a supermajority where they can change any rules they want and implement plans and processes that it would take a supermajority to undo.  Further, Malone is alleged to have engaged in an illicit affair with fellow School Board member Debra Goldman – who happens to be trying to bail out on the Board as well for a higher office. (See Raleigh News & Observer article as well as comments in Beaufort Observer article)

Malone has served a single term as a Wake Forest Town Commissioner.  It looks like residents there told him to hit the road after he tried to bail out on them half-way through his first term by running for County Commissioner.  If not for two-year terms, we’d fully expect him to run for Congress two years after becoming a state legislator.  It’s just his Modus Operandi.

The tragedy is that local GOP leadership did nothing to curtail his obviously opportunistic ways and now we’re looking at an Auditor race and a House race that we’ll have a hard time winning.  If he or Goldman wins their seat, it will be a disgrace.

Chris Malone adorns our Wall of Shame for his acute self-awareness, conceited above-the-rules narcissism, and is unabashed political opportunism.  He betrayed the trust of his party and voters of Wake County by attempting to leave them in the lurch simply for higher office.  He’s jeopardized the reputation of every Republican in Wake County by his actions on and off the Board that are less than appropriate.

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