Debra Goldman

Debra Goldman – Was elected to the Wake County School Board in 2009, but is looking to abandon that seat if she can win the job as NC State Auditor.

The problem is, she has no compelling qualifications for the auditor job.  She has been an EMT, Firefighter, and School Board member as the only occupational positions she lists.  Her website touts vague references to “20+ Years Private Sector Business Experience” and “Experience Managing Multi-Billion Dollar Public Budgets”, but there are no bona fides for that.  She alludes to no job where she would have had private sector experience.  If she is a retired EMT/Firefighter, that would mean she spent quite a bit of time in a public sector job whose finances would have been controlled by the local government.  As a member of the School Board, she would have voted to approve a $1 billion budget, but would not have had responsibility for creating it and only so much action, as one of nine members, to amend it.  Even then, she’s only looked at a couple of those budgets in her life and apparently has no other accounting or auditing experience at all.

The greater problem is that she’s only halfway through her first term on the School Board.  The ramifications of her leaving will be that 1) She left before she finished the term Republicans in Wake County elected her to do and 2) the Democrats, who are now in control of the board by a 1-vote margin, will get to appoint her replacement.  With a 9-member board, that means that the Democrats get to choose a replacement that would make their majority 6-3, which is a super-majority of 2/3.  While Republicans elected members like Goldman to implement ground-breaking changes to the decades-old “busing for diversity” social engineering policy of the left, the Democrats will have the votes to change it all back!  And you can bet they’ll do a better job of hiding and screening this time around.  Republicans may never get the Board back.

Further, she’s linked in an alleged affair with School Board colleague Chris Malone and has allegedly accused him of stealing money and property from her totaling $130,000.

In the 2012 primary, there were five candidates, three of whom were CPAs.  Goldman and Greg Dority were the only non-CPAs of the bunch.  One of the candidates was Fern Shubert who has an impressive record and resume.  Somehow, Goldman and Dority were the top two vote-getters and would have been scheduled for a runoff on July 17, 2012, but Dority mysteriously pulled out at the last-minute of the cutoff leaving only Goldman in the race to challenge Beth Wood (D) in November.  We’re still trying to figure out who orchestrated that…

Debra Goldman graces our Wall of Shame for her patent self-interest, narcissism, and pure political opportunistic ambition who is willing to shaft all of her local supporters for decades to come for her own advancement.

UPDATE February 1, 2013: Goldman has resigned from the Wake County School Board and moved her residence to Wilkes County, supposedly to take a position with a non-profit company there.  We’ll keep tabs on her to make sure that Wilkes County doesn’t give her an opening to explore her narcissistic political goals there.

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11 thoughts on “Debra Goldman”

  1. Classic post. Debbie clearly is not qualified for State Auditor. And she also has personal issues which further undermine her credibility and character.

    • For every morally bankrupt Republican like Richard Morgan and Harold Brubaker who fade off the front page, we have an opportunistic replacement like Goldman that comes along. As mentioned in another post, real leadership could mitigate some of these problems. Instead, they’ll be promoting her on everything they’ve got for the November election just because she’s wearing the Republican label.

      I contend that if leadership had the temerity to only back and support Republicans who espoused core platform principles and had at least measurable character, we might lose a few races, but we’d gain more in the long run. The biggest complaint that I hear is that there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats. With candidates like Debra Goldman, Richard Morgan, and Arthur Williams, we just feed into the truth of that statement.

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