Richard Morgan

Richard MorganRichard T. Morgan – Perhaps the most reviled Republican in recent history here in North Carolina.  Morgan’s pure self-interest and political opportunism prompted him to set back Republicans in this state by a decade.

He sold us all down the river in 2003 when he made a deal with the Democrats after we elected a 61-59 majority of Republicans to the NC House. He is responsible for handing Democrats control of the 2003 redistricting effort that gave Dems a majority for the rest of the decade. Defends his treasonous acts to this day.

STATUS: Morgan unsuccessfully ran for NC Insurance Commissioner in 2012, but he got 42% of the vote in a primary runoff!  It is unconscionable that he should get that many votes from Republicans after what he’s done.  That makes him very dangerous.  Watch out for whatever he wants to do next.  He has run for something every two years since being thrown out of the NC House.

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10 thoughts on “Richard Morgan”

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